ASHA "Founding Foremother Awards": Rethinking our Past

NY Times Archive Public Domain
NY Times Archives Public Domain

YouTube as source of music/video therapy materials for children

YouTube has a repository of videos for children that highlight individual alphabet, rhyming songs, some with very artisitc visual appeal. See examples below. To do your own search simple use terms "language video", "alphabet video" or just plain "video for children" Given the range of video submissions on YouTube, it's suggested that searches be adult supervised.

New Interdisciplary Ph.D. in literacy at MTSU

From the Daily News Journal, Tennessee

".DOCSTOC" A place online to find and share professional documents

A relatively new website hopes to becomr the "Youtube" for documents. "Docstoc" is a user generated community where you can find and share professional documents. Find free legal documents and free business documents. Upload your documents for all the world to share." Check out the following page which showed up after I did a search on "speech language development":

Online Speech/Language Activities via "Quia"

Quia Logo
Quia Logo

Pediatric SLP Position at Tiny Tim Center in Longmont

I'm featuring this in a blog post for better access. C.G.

Pediatric SLP position
Submitted by alisonv on Tue, 04/29/2008 - 05:50.

SLP needed to serve children birth to 12 years of age, including evaluation, consultation, and ongoing treatment and education to children and their caregivers, and discharge as appropriate. Therapy services may be provided in natural environments, at the Tiny Tim Center in Longmont. Contact Teedee Keister at or call 303-776-7417 if you are interested.

Need Promotional Materials for Better Speech and Hearing Month?

Better Hearing & Speech Month

ASHA provides audiologists and speech-language pathologists free promotional resources including through the following website:

AHSA Defines Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments

Having been a product of INREAL training in the SLHS (formerly CDSS), I was curious about ASHA's current feature on "Providing Intervention Services in Natural Environments" posted on "The ASHA Leader Online". It was written by Juliann Woods who expounds on the participants, setting, and context appropriate to "natural environments" (originally defined in IDEA, 2004, Part C).

SLP Opportunities in the Peace Corp

It was interesting to find that from 1967 to the present, the Peace Corp has welcomed SLP volunteers, specifically in Samoa, the Pacific Islands. According to the listing;

Ever search Wikipedia for SLP information?

Use our handy Wikiseek bar at the bottom of our home page. Wikipedia, as you probably know, is a user-built encyclopedia. Even though we can't guarantee the accuracy of all the info, the Wiki pages have tons of great links and outlines related to SLP and particular disorders. Our IN TOUCH website uses a similar "user as builder" concept and we hope you will add information and resources on any of our pages!

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