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Students on campus stairs, Photo by Casey Cass
Students on campus stairs, Photo by Casey A. Cass

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Alum granddaughter Leah
Leah at 1 yr., granddaughter of Cynthia Gray, MA'76

Did you submit the winning SLP website name?

We are hoping that the winner of our website naming contest will check in with us since all survey responses were kept anonymous. The winner will receive "The Dance of Conversation: Strategies for Encouraging Children's Language Development" and "Storybook Journey" DVDs from Landlocked Productions, Boulder Colorado. Please contact us at

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In Touch Logo
In Touch Logo

John C. Rosenbek, former SLHS professor to speak at CSHA

At the CSHA Spring Conference and Job Fair 2008, The Colorado Speech-Language Hearing Association in cooperation with Adams State will host former CU Professor John ("Jay") Rosenbek, from the University of Florida who will present "What's New and What's Newly Popular in Aphasia Treatment"? To be held on May 3, 2008 at the Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. See Conference website:

Introductory Blog

Your "Web Curator" here. This is a superb week for me as we are launching our new SLP's IN TOUCH community website! As a graduate of SLHS at CU, it has been exciting to conceptualize a website that would serve fellow graduates. We hope you like the clean, newspaper look of the site and use the open-ended invitation to comment on any feature, topic, or suggestion to modify the site.

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