CU Graduate Dr. Keiko Gondo Seeks Colorado Bilingual Programs for Research

Keiko Gondo, MA '85, PhD '97

Note from Web Curator: Fellow alum Keiko Gondo is currently seeking opportunities to interview researchers and/or practitioners who are working with PDD children, especially those in Colorado multilingual programs who serve bilingual children with PDD. She plans to visit in fall of 2009. If you know of such programs or are interested in participating in Keiko’s interviews, please contact For her full bio see:

CU alum Keiko Gondo is currently involved in research on dual and multicultural programs for children with special needs, specifically the language development of bilingual children with PDD. She writes, “In Japan, there is an increased number of children who have multi-cultural and bilingual backgrounds, though a small ratio compared to the US. There are also a number of children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) and related disorders. As a developmental clinical psychologist, I now have more opportunities to see PDD children who are raised in bilingual families than before. Many doctors recommend that these children stop using two languages and limit development to one." Keiko seeks to test the premise that bilingualism compromises the general language development of this population. She points out that there is little empirical evidence to support this for bilingual children with PDD in her country. “At least in Japan, there is no case study evidence thus far. My colleague and I began a longitudinal case study of an English-Japanese bilingual boy with PDD and planning to add more cases this year. The results of our observations thus far do not show any disadvantages for him by maintaining two languages.” (continued)

Keiko’s future professional goals are to organize a network for bilingual children with PDD and their families. Also, as a professor in the early childhood care and education department, she wants to help students become excellent preschool/kindergarten educators. Research in the US will help Keiko further her teaching and research goals.

Keiko graduated from SLHS (then CDSS) with an MA in speech language pathology in 1985. She received her PhD as a Clinical Developmental Psychologist from International Christian University, Division of Education in 1997. She is currently a professor in the department of Early Childhood Education at St. Margaret's Junior College in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. St. Margaret’s serves young women who aspire to be global leaders through quality Christian-based education through two major departments: the English Department and the Early Childhood Education Department where Keiko teaches. (See Keiko’s Alumni spotlight at: