Giving Opportunity to Help SLHS Upgrade Clinical Video System

SLHS AV room

(From the SLHS Giving Opportunity brochure)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million.

Prior to embarking on 5-12 month full time internships at clinical sites off campus, SLHS clinical faculty members teach students in the campus-based Speech Language Hearing Center. Here, children and adults in the Boulder-Denver metropolitan area are provided comprehensive speech audiology and language services. Audio and video recordings are a critical component of both clinical and classroom teaching. Students not only get to watch examples that they may not have the opportunity to see first hand, but they, along with faculty and peers, can also critically review their own clinical activities in the SLHC. Audio and video recordings also play an important role in the assessment and treatment process. For Example, parents may watch demonstrations of optimal techniques to be used when interacting with children, or older clients may watch themselves on video to better understand the positive and negative behaviors that contribute to their communication difficulties.

The current video system in the SLHC was installed over 25 years ago when the SLHS building was renovated. Components have been replaced over the years, but much of the infrastructure, cameras and microphones are no longer working and VHS technology is all but obsolete. In an effort to continually improve the situation, SLHS has initiated a project to upgrade to a state-of-the-art video system. (continued)

SLHS Clinical Video Analysis Group

Plans are that each room in the SLHC will be equipped with at least one digital camera (larger rooms will have two camera). Classrooms on the second floor will also be equipped with cameras so that lectures can be recorded for later viewing and live webcasting. Cameras in the SLHC will be programmed to automatically recorded all activity during clinic operations. Manual recording will be possible outside of regular clinic operating hours, Audio and video recordings will be stored for 30 days on a server.

SLHS faculty and students with security access will be able to control camera angles remotely; view live as well as recordings saved on the server; download, edit and archive recording so interest to designated computer via a wireless intranet. Faculty will be able to access the audio-visual library on the server via their laptop computers from any room within the department.

SLHS Child Language Center widely utilizes video

There will be 2 phases to the AV project. First infrastructure for first floor digital audio and video system will be completed in 2009. In the second phase there will be new camera and audio set-ups in 7 rooms.

SLHS is accepting donations of any size to help them reach their goal. Groups or individuals can also “adopt” a room where cameras will be placed. Their contribution will be recognized on a special donors plaque that will be displayed in the SLHC department and on the donors page of the department website. Contact: (303) 492-3043