Need a Moment?


SLP's are hard-working professionals who deal with an amazing amount of detail and responsibility. Sometimes we just need a moment. Try out some of these links and feel free to share other sites you may have found that help to alleviate stress.

Gaiam Meditation Room Lovely videos and calming music—turn the sound on, sit back, relax and let these mediation videos take you away for a few minutes.

Music for Meditation Radio Sri Chinmoy has a diverse selection of music for meditation. The recordings are mostly available in m4a format. (Some are also available in mp3 format) You can listen online using Apple Quicktime or download to your favorite device.

Create Flower Art Create your own symetric flower artwork. You can chose your color, opacity, shapes and size of components. You can also see amazing creations of others. Takes a little time on the site to figure out but.....if you need a moment.....!


Speechies love this! Talking Twin Babies Part 2 Official Video



Charlie Bit Me!

Sophisticated non verbal language starts early!Infectious laugh!Laugh in double stereo