Welcome 2010 SLHS Graduates!

CU Photo by Casey A. Cass

The Speech Language and Hearing Sciences recognition ceremony 2010 was held on May 7 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m., at the UMC Middle Ballroom.

The phrase "the last best place" was coined by William Kittredge, a well-known western writer, as the title for an anthology of stories, poems and memoirs about Montana. We'd like you to think of CU SLHS as one of your last, best places, where you worked hard, prepared for your career and shared experiences with fellow students. Stay in touch with the SLHS department and visit your alumni website often, we want to hear about your experiences as you establish and continue your career.

Here are some ways to stay in touch as a CU alum (continued):

1. Join us on FACEBOOK.

2. Sign up in order to continue use of your CU e-mail address. Find these and other benefit explanations at: http://cubuffalum.org/members/benefits/
3. Contribute ideas and stories as a member of our In Touch website. You can do this by directly entering comments or updates on many sections of the website or contacting us at slpweb@colorado.edu. Let us know about your accomplishments/new jobs/roles/awards/ or share therapy successes with your colleagues.
4. Create you own blog on this SLSH alumni website. Just register or sign in (right-hand column) and click on "create content", (lower left-hand column).
5. Over time, visit the department and say hi to old colleagues and friends.
6. Form small groups/stay in touch via mini-reunions (see our story about a mini-reunion at http://www.speechlanguagepractice.org/?q=node/114)
7. Offer to host CU interns
8. Update your CU alumni contact information regularly with the CU Alumni office. https://www.cualum.org/members/
9. Contribute to your favorite program in the SLHS department through the CU Foundation.