Bachelor Degree Students Graduate with Honors

We congratulate all 2010 SLHS Graduates and are pleased to feature four new alumni--BA students who recently graduated with honors from SLHS. Amanda Huesleman, Danielle Kemp, Jenny Chang, and Isa Miranda Down received their bachelor degrees at SLHS’s graduage ceremony held on May 7, 2010. In addition to this article, they can be seen together in a photo on SLHS Department webpage here

Amanda with her mother and boyfriend, Kirk

Amanda Huesleman is from Arvada, CO, and she received her BA Magna Cum Laude after attending the University of Colorado from the Fall of 2006 to Spring 2010. Amanda’s research while at SLHS looked at the effects of parents’ de-contenxtualized scaffolding of language hearing levels in children with hearing loss and in children with cochlear implants. Amanda enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Following graduation, she is looking forward to a three-week camping and road trip to California, which will be followed by a trip to Hawaii. Next year Amanda will continue her studies while attending CU-Denver to pursue her masters in special education.

Danielle with her parents Kirk and Flora and brother Zach

Danielle Kemp graduated Summa Cum Laude from SLHS this spring. Danielle is from Lafayette, Colorado and double majored in SLHS and Spanish Literature and Language. Her top interests were child language and bilingualism. Danielle expressed that one of her favorite memories was “working with my primary honors thesis advisor Dr. Pui-Fong Kan”. Dr. Kan’s research focuses on child language learning, language disorders, and bilingualism. Danielle worked with her in the Child Language and Learning Lab while developing her thesis titled Adjective Gender Agreement in Situations of Language Contact and Specific Language Impairment. Danielle's study used existing data on children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) to determine errors in their use of the article in Spanish, specifically the adjective constituent of the noun phrase, which also marks gender agreement. Results demonstrated that "as compared to typically developing children, children with SLI do not demonstrate a robust functional production of the gender agreement paradigm in the adjective". She concluded that "gender agreement in the adjective should be considered in bilingual children with SLI when developing...therapy goals and strategies." Danielle is enthusiastic about her future plans which include remaining in Boulder for another 2 years while attending the SLHS Masters Program. Her plans also include many activities, “anything outdoors, hiking, running, fly fishing, camping and being with her family and friends. Danielle is also actively involved at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students).

Jenny with her Father, Sister, and Mother

Jenny Chang is from Littleton, Colorado and studied at CU for 4 years. Jenny graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor’s degree. She also received the Jacob Van Ek Award for superior academic achievement and outstanding contributions to the University and Boulder Community. During Jenny’s studies she became interested in anatomy, speech science, bilingual neurolinguisitics, and language acquisition in bilingual cultures. Jenny told us that when she switched her major to SLHS she “felt a huge burden off my shoulders”. Jenny gave high marks to the guidance she received as a student. “Dr. Brenda Schick, Dr. Neerja Sadagopan, and Dr. Pui Fong Kan made my time as an SLHS major extremely rewarding as well as intellectually stimulating. The entire faculty of SLHS has such passion for their fields and for the populations they serve”. When not studying, Jenny loves running and yoga. "I also enjoy volunteering my time to homeless ministries and I also enjoy working with children, whether it is babysitting or childcare. I love my community of friends and mentors, so I spend as much time with them as possible as well.” Jenny’s goal is to become a physician's assistant. No doubt with the strength of her academic performance and her appreciation of her experience thus far, she is sure to accomplish her goal.

Isa on Graduation Day 2010

Isa Miranda Down is originally from Canada (British Columbia), and has lived in Boulder for about half of her life. Isa has been at CU for the last three years, transferring from the University of Victoria in BC. She received a BA in SLHS, also graduating Summa Cum Laude. She became very interested in the fields of physiology, anatomy, and neurology of the speech mechanism and how they all intertwine. Isa commented that her experience as an undergrad at SLHS helped her to select and focus on her interests, and she counts meeting new people and professors among her best memories. Isa shared that she "found that the SLHS program was the perfect balance: it both intrigued me and challenged me without becoming overbearing. I think that this is due in large part to the professors and the fellow students. I made a point of trying to get to know the professors, and learned much more about the field in doing so. My advisor, Dr. Neeraja Sadagopan, to name one, was an inspiration to work with, and I look forward to continuing research with her in the coming year. Her high expectations of her students' work helped push me to a new level of academic achievement". Isa loves the outdoors and her hobbies include: hiking, reading, gardening, and singing. Her plans for the future include being a research assistant for speech pathologists in the coming year while she apply to graduate programs. She plans on getting a dual doctorate in speech pathology and neuroscience. Like Danielle and Danielle, Jenny, and Isa will assuredly make us proud as she works toward her new goals. Congratulations to all new alumni!