CLC Reaches Out to Community Preschools

Children in CLC

(From the 2010 CLC Annual Report)
The Child Learning Center Outreach Program benefits early childhood care and education centers in the community by enhancing professional development in the areas of early language and literacy and providing information for families to build the foundations for children’s successful learning in later years. Two Boulder early childhood centers were selected for participation in the outreach program during the past school year--Boulder Day Nursery and the Parent Cooperative Preschool at the First Presbyterian Church. Six teachers in three classrooms participated.

Activities included classroom observation and follow-up coaching by a team from the Child Learning Center. The Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation tool (ELLCO) was used to inform planning processes for coaching of teachers through the project. A minimum of six coaching sessions were arranged with each teacher over the September through May program. Workshops were provided for participating teachers at the selected sites. Parent education workshops focused on early language and literacy development in the home were offered to all parents in the selected sites.

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