Melanie Potock '93

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Melanie Potock received a bachelors followed by a masters degree in 1993 in Communication Disorders and Speech Science from CU-Boulder. In reconnecting with her we soon discovered that not only is she a successful practicing SLP but an entrepreneur extraordinaire as well. At the beginning of her studies at CU, Melanie had an array of interests and explains, “It wasn't until 2 years into my first job that I realized my true passion was feeding. I could work with kids and food until the end of time. It's the best job ever!” "When I was in graduate school, there were several women in our class, about 1/4 of us, who had small children at home. My kids were 3 and 5 at the time. I don't know how we did it - we were going to school full time and taking care of young kids. Everyone was very supportive of each other and we received tremendous support for our professors. It was Betty Jancosek who encouraged me to do an honors thesis - something I never dreamed I could achieve. I flew to Albuquerque to study Hippotherapy and Speech Therapy on horseback and later took kids from Mapleton Rehabilitation Center to the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center to practice what I had learned. Thank you Betty!"

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Melanie is now a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist and an Oral Facial Myologist and Feeding Specialist practicing out of Longmont Colorado. Within her practice, Melanie is also a business woman and publisher. “I have to say that what is on my mind the most right now is the launch of my book and my children's CD! I am excited to have created 2 products that focus on the fundamentals of parenting in the kitchen - vital information for any caregiver to know. I started Chatter Bug over 9 years ago. It is my speech therapy practice, which now focuses primarily on children with feeding difficulties. My Munch Bug is my new business to promote my CD, Dancing in the Kitchen: Songs that Celebrate the Joy of Food! and my book Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food! Both are available on my website, and the book can be reviewed on In the near future, my book will be available on as well. My Munch Bug will be an exhibitor (booth # 249C) at the American Speech Language Hearing Association's national convention in Philadelphia in mid November, ASHA is expecting 12,000 people, so we hope to make a few new friends!“ "Since going into private practice, I've become good friends with Sheila Goetz, which is fun for me because she was my supervisor when I attended CU! She's a crack-up and we have a lot of fun together! We recently treated a little girl together for the first time and I was so nervous! It felt like being back in grad school all over again. It went great until the very end, when Sheila pulled on a piece of plastic bag that had been sticking out of my back pocket during the entire session. "What are you going to do with this?" she asked. Turns out I had been walking my new puppy that morning and had grabbed an extra doggie-doo bag to put in my back pocket just in case. I told Sheila it was for disposing of the used latex gloves I have for feeding therapy, but she didn't believe me." As for her family, Melanie proudly gave us an update, “Today, both of my sweet girls are over 21! Mallory is a television producer and also works in marketing in Denver. Carly is completing her senior year at Lehigh University in PA, where she is captain of the softball team and majoring in business/marketing. My husband, Bob is the reason I can run a private practice, write a book and produce a childrens CD in one year. He is the most supportive man I have ever known - great Dad, great husband - I really couldn't have made it through grad school with two small kids, started my own business or developed these two new products without his love and support! Bob and I love to travel when we can find the time and took a fabulous trip with our two girls to Sydney, Australia this past summer.” Best wishes in the launch of your new CD and book Melanie--may your productivity continue!