Kathleen Kronenwetter ’92, Receives 3rd ACE Award, Launches Internet Practice, Cites SLHS as Inspiration (+Video)

Kathleen Kronenwetter MA, CCC-SLP

AHSA’s Continuing Education Board (CEB) presented Kathleen Kronenwetter, ‘92, with her 3rd Association Award for Continuing Education (ACE Award) on October 2010. The award notes that Kathleen "joins a select group of individuals who have made a concerted personal effort to continue professional learning beyond an academic degree”.

Some of the many CEU's Kathleen accumulated were received at the 2010 National Stuttering Association (NSA) in Cleveland, Ohio, a dynamic conference attended by adults and children who stutter, their family members, and speech-language pathologists. She shared that with the CEU's she received at NSA, she "was able to compile enough CEU's to receive the ACE Award", adding that "SLP's can have a unique experience while working on their continuing education at NSA". At the conference Kathleen presented an innovative, hands-on workshop titled "No More Tests, No More Homework, Just Fun". Using her philosophy of total acceptance in a natural, social setting, she assembled an impressive variety of child-friendly centers in a large ballroom. The centers were developed with children's interest in mind and required direction-reading, score-keeping and other verbal performances. Specific activities included a magic act, puppet show with stuffed animal puppets, finger puppets, finger string activities, Chinese jump rope, card games with written directions to be read out loud, a magnet house center and a Parcheesi Board with directions. During activities, Kathleen demonstrated fluency-shaping techniques including easy talking, easy onset, stretching, and bouncing during natural interaction in small and large groups. Some activities gently nudged children out of their comfort zone to practice advanced communication skills. Adults and children gathered together to watch the children present magic acts from a provided script (see example in video below). At the end of the workshop all children were able to select their own tie-dyed T-shirt from a collection made by Kathleen.

Kathleen with NSA Conference Participants

Kathleen credits much of her inspiration to Sue McCord and the Storybook Journey, along with Doris Downey, who used center-based activities in SLP therapy. Kathleen also attributes her training in Inter Reactive Learning (INREAL) with helping her to understand an “inside-out” approach to therapy which builds on children’s existing interests and skills. She also cites Dr. Peter Ramig, and a particular book he recommended titled “The Stutterer’s Story” by Frederick P. Murray, Ph.D, "The book is an autobiography that gives a detailed account of how severe stuttering can affect one's thinking, actions, and way of living". According to Kathleen, “Dr. Murray believes that, regardless of severity, those who stutter can accomplish much towards achieving gratifying fluency and a workable solution to the difficulty”.

Kathleen is also launching her newly designed web site this month, openbooktherapy.com to work with ESL/Accent Reduction and (PWS) Stuttering clients. As part of her private practice, she has joined mypurepotential.org, a SKYPE based service. In addition you can check out Open Book Therapy's Facebook page

Congratulations Kathleen!