SLHS Begins Collaboration with Temple Grandin School & KGNU

Dr. Anne Whitney, SLHS alum and Clinical Professor at SLHS announced that the department “is excited to begin a collaboration with the fine teachers, parents, administrators, and students of the Temple Grandin School in a project titled PERSPECTIVES”. The program seeks to help bridge the social communication gap between students with Asperger’s or similar profiles in grades 6-12. The program duration will be three-weeks, 2 hours a day, five days a week.

Temple Grandin School is named after Dr. Temple Grandin, CSU Professor, world-famous animal scientist and autism self-advocate, named in 2010 by TIME 100 as one the magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. The school is a new, not-for-profit independent school located in NE Boulder established to provide a challenging academic curriculum along with integrated social skills to students with Asperger's and similar learning profiles.

The PERSPECTIVES project also brings in radio station KGNUas a 3rd partner to offer youth a summer program that will introduce students to a variety of unique experiences associated with radio broadcasting. KGNU has been broadcasting community radio programming since 1978. The students will be spending a week at KGNU where they will have the opportunity to learn about real radio broadcasting, from the technology to the journalism to the performance aspects. Students will design a short program about a favorite topic: develop, record, edit it & broadcast it, either on live radio or on the web while learn interviewing and communication tips. Supervised by CU faculty, SLHS graduate students will work with students, who will be interviewing each other on topics of their own interest and focus on skills of perspective-taking and appropriate pragmatic language for interviewers and interviewees. CU Graduate Students will support the program and learn about radio along with students.

Jennifer Wilger, co-founder of Temple Grandin School, is also excited about the collaborative venture and the possibilities for students they will serve, "These amazing young people have a unique and powerful voice that deserves to be heard and often resonates with many outside the Autism community. Internationally-famous professor, lecturer and animal expert, Temple Grandin is just one of many potential examples of this." For more information on the school and Temple Grandin herself, visit and