Kathe Perez Keynote Speaker

Kathe Perez, '86 was recently Keynote Speaker at Colorado Gold Rush 2012 in Denver. The event, sponsored by The Gender Identity Center is their biggest event of the year, one they say "was a big success as usual... and most importantly, everyone had fun while learning and expanding their gender concepts."

Kathe is an internationally recognized expert in the care and training of the human voice. As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Kathe has been working in the field since 1986. An advocate and supporter of the transgender community, she has been providing voice feminization therapy (VFT) for years and has helped thousands gain confidence in the way they speak. Kathe presents at TG conferences around the United States demonstrating voice feminization therapy techniques and exercises. As a Voice Feminization Specialist, Kathe collaborated with Lynn Skinner fore the voice feminization training series, Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice which has received international recognition and acclaim.  

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized in 1978 and incorporated in June 1980. The organization was formed to provide support to anyone gender variant in their gender identity and expression. The Gender Identity Center of Colorado is also an informational and educational resource to the community at large. The Center is available to anyone, male / female / other, who can benefit from its services and includes resources for spouses, significant others, parents, and siblings. 

You can read more about Kathe's unique journey as an SLP in her alumni spotlight and on her website.