Past & Present Scholar Awards a Well Deserved Tradition at SLHS

Congratulations to our 2012, Colorado Scottish Rite Scholarship recipients, Ms. Madison Atkins and Ms. Cheryl Schaller, both graduate scholars in their second year as MA-SLP scholars in SLHS. We are so very grateful to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado that has provided this $5,000 award to selected SLHS graduate students each year since 2005, in the name and memory of Dwight A. Hamilton, a former Sovereign Grand Inspector General and President of the Foundation. 

Former alumni who have received this scholarship include:

Joni M. Oldroyd University of Colorado 2005

Rachael E. Glustrom University of Colorado 2005

Amy M. Mulligan University of Colorado 2006

Laura M. Wilson University of Colorado 2006

Danielle K. Cavallaro University of Colorado 2007

Amanda Vargo University of Colorado, 2007

Jennifer M. Leggette University of Colorado, 2008

Kimberly A. Turner University of Colorado 2009

Meghan K. Fitzgerald University of Colorado 2009

Rebecca L. McNeil University of Colorado 2010

Hannah L. Shippey University of Colorado 2010

Jocelyn R. Essler University of Colorado 2011

Loriann Schwartz University of Colorado, 2011

Ms. Melissa Klaer, another SLP graduate student has also been recognized as a Hilburn Scholar, a national scholarship in speech-language pathology offered by the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction. This scholarship is known as the Sam and Millie Hilburn Scholarship in the field of Childhood Language Disorders.

Rebecca L. McNeil University of Colorado 2010

Christina D. Wilkins University of Colorado, 2010

These students were chosen from an applicant pool of exemplary students because they have excelled in scholarship and demonstrate excellence and promise in clinical practice and they want to work with children with communication challenges in Colorado. Each will receive recognition at the Scottish Rite Temple on September 17th, 2012.

CSHA Foundation News: Congratulations to Ms. Cheryl Schaller who was recently awarded the Elizabeth Jancocek Scholarship Award from the Colorado Speech Language and Hearing Foundation. We are so excited that one of our own received this recognition, given Betty is a beloved member of our faculty whose main concern now is enjoying her grandchildren and traveling the world given her retirement from SLHS. This award is given in recognition of excellence from the Foundation in Dr. Jancocek’s name. Congratulations Cheryl!