Nicole Davis, '06 Appointed Associate Director of Vanderbilt Reading Clinic

Recently our own Dr. Nicole Davis, '06, was appointed Associate Director of the Vanderbilt Reading Clinic, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The clinic serves students in grades K – 8, who are behind in reading or have learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, or intellectual disabilities. Nikki also serves as Research Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences; and Associate Director of the Education and Brain Sciences Lab. “Nikki has a tremendous passion for children with reading difficulties and their families stemming from her experiences with members of her family,” said Laurie Cutting, Ph.D., (Patricia And Rodes Hart Associate Professor of Special Education and Associate Professor of Psychology, Radiology, and Pediatrics at Vanderbilt). “This passion, combined with clinical and educational background, provides her with the outstanding knowledge necessary to ensure that the Clinic will continue to grow in capabilities and services to our community. Nikki comes to us with a wealth of knowledge about child development and Vanderbilt.” 

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