Kathe Perez, '86 Announces Release of New App "EVA"

Kathe Perez, '86, has worked for more than 25 years helping people gain confidence in the way they speak. Since 2000, Kathe hasfocused her work on helping those in the transgender (TG) community discover their true voice. She recently announced the launch of EVA, an innovative application for transgendered voice clients. The initial launch of Eva provides two lessons — Eva Breathe and Eva Pitch. Kathe describes them as "...introductory lessons designed for both beginners and advanced students. They provide the programming or coding so your sensory/motor system incorporates the nuances of these two essential elements: abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing and pitch tuning. In all, there will be a total of three courses. Each course is focused on the abilities of the user and uses the 'Nine Elements of An Exceptional Feminine Voice' method", the basis of other products and courses Kathe has developed. The Official Launch of EVA was Saturday April 13th and it is now for sale world-wide. Congrats Kathe!

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