Sue McCord, Former SLHS Faculty and Early Childhood Author Recouperating Well after Heart Surgery

Sue McCord, former faculty and Director of the Child Learning Center at SLHS, underwent mitral valve repair on March 19, 2014 at Boulder Community Hospital. The procedure was a success and Sue continues to gain her strength with the help of family and friends. Current reports relay that she is resting well and may be able to go home tomorrow (3/31/14). Currently, according to relatives, "Her numbers are good, her color is good [and] she gets out of bed to do some walking each day." Sheila Goetz, another former SLHS faculty and clinical supervisor and close colleague of Sue's set up a communication tool through Caring Bridge website where Sue gets many notes of encouragement from well-wishers. Sheila reports that Sue has been energized by it and appreciates the support. Sue will be home soon and with continued help from friends and family will no doubt continue her journey back to good health.

She has taught preschool and kindergarten,as well as early childhood courses at all three universities, and led workshops across the country. She is a firm believer in the value of understanding and supporting children's creative play and the rich experience of "living" and learning through children's stories. Sue's book, The Storybook Journey: Pathways to Learning through Story and Play came out in second edition in 2011. A graduate of Wheelock College and the State University of New York, she also directed laboratory preschools at Cornell and Denver University and was interviewed for our website a while back. That interview can be seen HERE. 

You can also access the Storybook Journey: Pathways to Learning Facebook page and say Hi. We wish you continued progress Sue and look forward to hearing from you soon!