Landlocked Films, Local Production Company, Features INREAL History and Strategies

The INREAL video series

Landlocked Films of Boulder has released two films that document the University of Colorado's innovative approach to children's language development, "The Dance of Conversation: Strategies for Encouraging Children's Language Development" and "Earning the Right: the Story of INREAL". 


"The Dance of Conversation: Strategies for Encouraging Children's Language Development," is a lyrical illustration of specific conversation strategies adults can use to encourage authentic interactions with children that enhance their language and learning. A Companion User's Guide describes the philosophy behind these strategies, suggests practical exercises and activities to practice the strategies, and includes a bibliography for further reading.

"Earning the Right: the Story of INREAL" recounts how educators at CU helped spark a revolution in early childhood education focused on speech and language. CU’s “INREAL” training program was instrumental in breaking out of the confines of the behavior-modification regimens of the 1960s and into a more child-centered, observation-based, humane teaching program. This video captures the origins of INREAL through interviews with its founders, and examines how the method has matured into a multi-disciplinary approach to educating young children and training educators at CU’s Child Learning Center. See clips from the videos below.