Updated CU Alumni Benefits Include E-mail for Life

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For all May 2008 and beyond graduates (see news for those who graduated earlier below):
From the CU Alumni Association Website
E-mail for Life lets you continue using your colorado.edu addresses or forward them to a personal address, so you can keep in touch with your classmates, potential employers and friends without having to give them a new address. Registration [for May, 2008 grads and beyond] is no longer required.(continued)

The new E-mail for Life program allows you to keep your registered colorado.edu e-mail addresses: you can continue receiving messages at both your CULoginName@colorado.edu and FirstName.LastName@colorado.edu addresses. And for the first time, the E-mail for Life program will allow you to continue using your CULink e-mail account to manage your e-mail. Following graduation, you will be able to access your e-mail by logging into https://culink.colorado.edu using your CU login name and IdentiKey password. If you don’t manage your e-mail through CULink—for example, you use a server such as Spot or Rintintin—click here to learn what you must do to keep your e-mail account. When the campus eventually moves to a new e-mail service, your account will also migrate to the new service.

For all December 2007 and prior graduates:

The services outlined above are not yet available. Although a program is in the works. Stay tuned! If you have already registered and wish to change your forwarding address, click here. If you previously signed up for the E-mail for Life program already, click here for a comprehensive list of FAQs. http://www.cualum.org/services/emailforlife/07andpriorgrads/

Other webpages explaining e-mail and other benefits: