A Conversation with Sue McCord

Sue McCord
Sue McCord, Former SLHS Faculty
The first edition of the "Storybook Journey" was published in 1995, and our dear colleague and mentor, Sue McCord, is currently in the process of revising this original edition. The new SLP alumni website seemed a perfect place to have Sue tell us more about changes that we will see in the new edition of the Storybook Journey, as well as to reflect a bit upon her professional career that led to the development of the SBJ. I caught up with Sue at her home to ask her about the SBJ, her philosophical perspective on early childhood education, and any words of wisdom she might like to share with SLP alums regarding the use of children’s literature in both classroom and therapy environments. (continued) Read more and view clips from the video about Storybook Journey.

Guest Article by Donna Boudreau, PhD '97

Donna Boudreau
Guest Author Donna Boudreau, SLHS Graduate, PhD '97

Evidence-Based Practice – The Critical Importance to Our Field

It is difficult to circulate in any speech and language environment these days -whether deciding on a conference to attend, reading a journal article, or flipping through the ASHA Leader- without coming across the initials EBP. The ubiquitous use of this term might make clinicians wary of EBP as being the “hot topic” of the moment; one that will fade over time when leaders in our field find a new area of interest. However, evidence based practice (EBP) is a not a new concept to the field of speech-language pathology – what may be less familiar to some clinicians is the use of this specific terminology associated with the practice of looking for empirical evidence to support our clinical decision making process...(continued)

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